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Light in the World – Mission is a work of faith with an interdenominational alignment.

Our goal is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the yet unreached people of the world. We believe we shall be light for those still being in darkness.

The Bible says in, that we as church are building one another up. That works while every believer serves the other parts of the body of Christ, with his special God-given gifts. In behalf of that, we also believe, that God has also given different gifts and callings to different nations, to serve one another. That’s why God is bringing Christians of all Nations together.

Our goals:

  • To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached people of all nations
  • To bring seminaries and training for local missionaries, pastors and church Leaders.
  • To help the worldwide body of Christ to be build up by supporting the body of Christ in the nations to serve one another, to minister to one another and to be fruitful to one another.